About HED Group

HED Group or Haneseth Engineering Design Group was started in 2021 as part of the Haneseth Group.
The company is based in Lithuania and has an office in PaneriĊ³ g. 14, LT-01312 Vilnius.

HED Group is a consulting, engineering company in Lithuania that primarily works in the Norwegian, Swedish and Lithuanian markets. We design sanitary, heating, cooling, sprinklers, ventilation and electrical systems.

We are currently 4 engineers with long experience in the field.

Haneseth is a powerful northern Norwegian player in electrical installation, automation, plumbing / plumbing, high voltage, ventilation, small power plants, communication and security.

The Haneseth Group covers northern Norway and in 2021 has passed 400 employees. Which makes us one of the region's largest players in the disciplines. Haneseth Gruppen has central approval with responsibility for design and execution in the highest class of measures within fire and emergency lighting. The Haneseth Group is also an authorized Ekom installer and a certified fiber installer. We have central approval in measure class 2 within pipes, sanitary, heating / cooling systems and sprinkler systems. The group has several nationwide agreements. Haneseth is approved as a training company in the fields of telecommunications, plumbing, automation, electrician and energy fitter, and today has several apprentices in these areas.

The brand name Haneseth Gruppen was established in 2005, but the history dates back to 1959.